Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Your 2024 Guide For Exchanging Presents

Present Ideas

If you are going to be a Secret Santa this year, you are going to need some gift ideas. Usually a questionnaire is used to determine what are some of the things you should buy, but you don't have to spend much time looking when there are so many great options online.

Playing Rules

Don't guess and wonder what the Secret Santa rules are and how you should play it. Find out what the most important rule is, along with some other rules, including optional guidelines everyone can abide by during the yearly event. These rules have been updated for 2024!


In order to determine what would be the most suitable and desirable present for someone who you are a Secret Santa of, you will need to have them answer a set of questions annonymously. Secret Santa Questionnaire will help you get the answers you need.

F.A.Q. & Answers

You may have a number of questions about the yearly secret santa gift exchange, but so did a lot of people who send us mail every year. For this purpose, we have put to gether a frequently asked questions section where you can get all the answers or get in touch!


There's nothing wrong with writing names down on paper, crumpling them up and drawing names from a bowl, but you will have to redraw if someone gets themselves. Secret Santa Generator makes it easy to not only draw names, but set exclusions and exceptions as well.

Event & Party

What is a celebration and gift giving all bout without a fun party? Know what to expect if you're going to a Secret Santa party and get tips on how to organize one. Remember, Santa bring best gifts to those who throw the best, most fun and enjoyable parties!